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concrete look quartz vanity tops

The beauty of modern minimalism practiced in bathrooms goes beyond the aesthetic. While there may be less to see than in your average powder room or bathroom, that doesn’t mean it needs to be cold. Concrete is one of the most popular trends this year. Whether we’re talking about walls soaked in concrete, or floors, or even vanity tops made from this element. It is all around us, and its functional design can still bring warmth and character to your bathroom. The versatility of this material makes it a great solution for those who want to bring some industrial flair to their bathroom.

The use of concrete in bathrooms provides a perfect example of how minimalism can still have warmth and character. One of the best ways to incorporate concrete into your bath area is to choose a quartz counter made from this material. Concrete look quartz vanity tops and countertops have been the latest trend in bathroom design for many years now. They provide a pristine surface with an elegant touch. These textured design elements are the trendiest, eco-friendly building blocks for designing your dream bathroom due to their high durability, low maintenance & timelessness. 

Now let’s have a more insightful look over how you can bring concrete look alike quartz to the bathroom in style!

Balance Is The Key- Bring It In With Concrete-designed Quartz Vanity Tops

The design of your bathroom is often an afterthought, but this room has a big impact on your day-to-day routine. The hard surfaces of your bathroom have a way of making it feel cold and clinical. However, you can create a warmer, more welcoming space with the addition of concrete quartz vanity tops. 

You don’t need to take a “grand scheme” approach and those who want to start small can obviously try out their scheme with the floating quartz vanity top as either a concrete option or as more of a neutral surface selection. Couple it with some chic wooden shelves or even marble accents and you’ll have a more relaxing and entertaining space, even if your decor is otherwise minimalist and on-trend. It’s an affordable way to dress up your bathroom and give it more character and texture than before, without having to change much about your modern design scheme.

quartz vanity tops for bathroom interiors

Neutral shade Quartz vanity tops like Chandan and Row Concreto are best to bring in balance in any style space as their hue allows them to both stand out as well as merge with surrounding elements.

Complement The Existing Elements

The dark, blue-grey hue of concrete finish quartz vanities brings a lively quality to the monotonous interior. It also complements the various other elements present in the room.

When deciding to design with quartz, also consider where its unique qualities would be best used. Its resistance to moisture and heat allows one to maximize usability. Its elegant good looks match well with urban, contemporary designs such as the white powder room theme. We can also imagine it right at home in a rustic bath environment alongside wooden accessories.

concrete look quartz vanity tops for modern bathroom

If your heart set is on the concrete aesthetic, complete with varying shades of gray, an aged appearance, and softly matte texture. Then Pewter and Pitra Grey Vanity tops have you covered. Despite the matte surface, however, quartz countertops are never grimy or accumulate moisture – they resist stains and are easy to keep hygienic. In fact, they are tough enough to be used in moist and wet spaces, so you can use the look of concrete anywhere you desire.

Get Your Style Right!

The popular idea among homeowners is that concrete floors limit your bathroom’s style to minimalism. But you can also use industrial chic in bathrooms with metal and concrete finishes, making the room feel modern and rustic while still offering a warm, chic vibe. With a dash of wood accents for a worn-in look, while keeping the whole space supremely elegant by choosing a backdrop that isn’t dominated by color or pattern and adding in the tight décor.

With the use of a very light design, such as Pure Grey Quartz Vanity Tops, against the wall with vintage-cum-industrial style bathroom, you can retain the simplicity of the black and white design.  At the same time, it offers an easy-to-maintain alternative to the traditional bathroom interior.

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