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Design Your space with Imperial Quartz slabs

Without any doubt, Imperial quartz slabs are perfect for any interior & design project. From extremely beautiful wall claddings to adorable countertops, Imperial quartz slabs never fail to suit any look. Furthermore, it is one of the hardest stones, durable, and budget-friendly, and without making any compromise in style and colors, makes Quartz slabs the best stone for any use in design and decor. 

7 Unique Ways to Add Imperial Quartz Slabs To Your Space

With all their excellent properties, quartz slabs also have various areas of application. Imperial Vanities is a leading quartz slab manufacturer, that brings you some of the top unique ways to add imperial quartz slabs to your design project. 

1. Classy Fireplace

Fireplaces are one of those areas that everyone wants to flaunt. What could be better than designing your fireplace with Imperial quartz slabs? Use quartz to make your fireplace stand out. Quartz slabs add great aesthetics to your fireplace thus increasing the ambiance of the entire living room. One of the best options for designing a fireplace is by pairing well gray stones with beige or white stones like White Winter.

2. Resilient Furniture tops

It’s the best time for you to decorate your dining and coffee tables. Imperial quartz slabs are one of the popular stone choices for designing your furniture tops. The wide range of choices in quartz ensures that it goes well with every living space design. One can use quartz slabs in residential spaces, hospitality as well as other commercial spaces. Check out this blog which describes the premium quartz slabs colors popular for modern hotel settings.

3. Shower Trays

What’s your thought on designing your shower tray with splendid stones? Integrating a shower tray with your bathroom flooring not only enhances its look but also assists in separating wet and dry areas of your bathroom. Quartz in white and gray color is quite famous for shower trays. You can also increase the hygiene of your shower area by using quality shower trays made up of quartz that is anti-slip and low maintenance.  

4. Vanity Areas

It’s very easy to find sophisticated vanity areas built with Imperial quartz slabs. As Quartz is a non-porous substance which makes it resistant to accumulating dust and debris and also gives a smooth finish to your space. One can use quartz slabs in their washbasins, sinks, and backsplashes of the vanity area. Calacatta Bella and Carrara Lace are some trendy choices.

5. Eye-catching Flooring

 Imperial Quartz slabs For Flooring

The sky’s the limit for experimenting and coming up with amazing flooring patterns using quartz. If you are looking for something that’s easy to maintain and is appealing too, quartz is the one-way solution for you. You can find a variety of quartz slabs in various colors, textures and patterns to suit the style of interiors. Thus, quartz is a stone that’s equally elegant and maintainable. 

Also, quartz can withstand heavy foot traffic so you no longer need to worry about using it even in commercial areas. You can use a single stone type or can also use a combination of two or three slabs to create a unique pattern. If you want to know Why one should choose Quartz Slabs for flooring, read on this detailed blog.

6. Easy to Maintain Countertops

One property that everyone looks for while choosing a stone for a kitchen countertop is its maintenance. Surprisingly, quartz slabs are extremely easy to maintain and can easily be cleaned with gentle rubbing with a cloth and warm water. 

Calacatta series of Imperial quartz slabs are the most popular kitchen countertop choices. 

How Are We Different?

Indeed, Imperial quartz slabs can be the best stone choice for your design project. Imperial Vanities has been a leading quartz slab supplier in the nation. We are popular for supplying quality quartz slabs that are extremely durable and assure “Global Quality Standards”. You can check out the range of quartz stone series available on our website. Contact us for any bulk orders! 

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