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Prefab Quartz Kitchen

Have you ever wondered how home makeovers go from start to their glamorous finishes at lightning speed? Well, one of the secrets to achieving such a fast pace is their use of prefabricated quartz countertops.

Having these prefab countertops in your kitchen or as bathroom vanity tops can save you a whole lot of time.

Are you bothered that prefab countertops are only available in limited options? Well, that’s where Imperial Vanities comes into play. We offer a broad array of choices in different categories of colors, sizes, patterns, and thicknesses. Even more, if you are reluctant towards quartz prefab countertops, here are some factors that put them a perfect choice for you.

How Can A Prefabricated Quartz Countertop Be An Ideal Choice For Your Home?

1. Colors

If you have always believed prefab quartz countertops only come in standard colors, it’s a misconception. With these readily available quartz countertops, you’ve got a listless option of colors. You can have such a wide variety of colors as present in the Luxor series.

There are endless options of prefabricated countertops waiting to be fitted right into your kitchen. Whether you are looking for solid colors or patterned and textured surfaces, you can find it all at Imperial Vanities.

2. Quality

You’ve probably always known quartz slabs for their originality. But you should know that prefab countertops are just as original, sturdy, and durable. In fact, the prefabs you will get from quartz fabricators come from the same high-quality quartz as the slabs.

In other words, you will still get to enjoy all the benefits of quartz stones. Your countertops will retain their stain and chip-resistant qualities. You also won’t have any bacteria or mold problems because of the non-porous nature of these stones.

3. Sizing

Another quality you may have believed to be impossible with prefab countertops must be its sizing. Still, your kitchen dimensions most definitely fall into the common standards and sizes. But while these standards may vary, here’s the good news.

Quartz prefab countertops come in several sizes to fit the different dimensions of your kitchen. Apart from this, there are different thickness categories of 1.2 cm, 1.5 cm, 2 cm, 3 cm available at Imperial Vanities. With these different sizes, you only need to check which goes well with your kitchen and place your order.

4. Edging

One reason quartz slab does take time is the stress of fine-tuning edges. But with the readily available countertops, you need not worry about that. These come with three finished edges. The unfinished edge faces the wall and can be paired with matching backsplashes to fit into it.

So, you see, as you reduce the time of installation, you also reduce the costs. And that’s even more reason to consider the quartz prefab quartz countertops.

5. Timing

Lastly, and most importantly, would be the timing. We all want our home renovations finished in no time. But are you really ready for the process of quartz slabs? You’d have to select the stone, get it made into your chosen design. This process, in itself, takes weeks and months, not to consider its installation.

Here is where prefab countertops shine the most. These are available for homeowners who would love to skip the hassle of going through the lengthy process. You only need to select one that suits your need, order and have your kitchen looking brand new in no time.

Finally, you know that your choice is not restricted when it comes to quartz prefab countertops. You can have this engineered stone delivered to you in the desired color, pattern, and size. And with these readily available options, you can avoid investing more time in cutting your slabs to size and working more on them. Instead, you can utilize this time on the other aspects of your renovation.

Why Choose Imperial Vanities?

Imperial Vanities is proud to be one of the largest suppliers of top-quality prefabricated quartz countertops. We manufacture a variety of quartz options that make any kitchen or bathroom installation almost effortless. Even when it comes to price, these readily available options prove to be more affordable than slabs. All of this put together as our comprehensive service also makes us well-reputed exporters of prefab quartz.

For homeowners and commercial property owners alike, these prefab counters work best without any compromise on quality.

If you are interested in getting a prefab quartz countertop that instantly adds beauty to your space, do visit Imperial Vanities and pick an ideal choice for your home!

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