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Quartz Prefab Counters

A kitchen is a space that is always in use, every day. It is where you get your daily necessity, food, ready, among other activities. Due to this, you cannot escape traffic on kitchen countertops. With this in mind, what you need is to make the right choice amongst the top kitchen countertop materials. 

Making a choice, however, from the wide range of materials available can be taxing. Not to worry, we have selected seven materials that you can use for your busy kitchen space. 

Outdoor Or Indoor? 

Firstly, you must figure out what type of kitchen you have, or hope to have. Why? You need to ensure your countertop fits perfectly. 

One thing is to assess the environment. Is it an outdoor or indoor kitchen? Do you have infants or not? In all, you need a material that can withstand the environment in question. 

Another is the aesthetics of your kitchen. This will determine the type of color, texture you need, which, in turn, will lead you to choose your counter material more easily. Some of the best kitchen countertop materials are explained below. 

7 Kitchen Countertop Materials To Choose From 


With its low-maintenance property, Quartz is a common choice for the kitchen. This material is made from natural minerals and binders. It is heat resistant, so your hot items can sit on it without damaging them. It is scratch-resistant, and the surface comes out smooth, giving you an extra board for chopping. 

Also, quartz comes in various textures and colors like the Pure White to complement your all-white kitchen. Or perhaps you can use it in contrast with your dark interiors.


Limestone is one of the classic kitchen countertop materials. It offers beauty and an antique feeling to space. Besides, it resists damage from heat. With the natural stone, you are sure to get a smooth finished countertop surface. However, your chopping activities should be on a board and not directly on a limestone countertop.


These are also referred to as Formica. Laminates are of plastic, so you will need to pay less for such excellent quality. They can be made into different patterns to suit your preference. They come in smooth surfaces, resistant to scratches and cuts, hence suitable as a chopping board. They are also easy to maintain. However, there can be delamination due to frequent use. 


Can concrete be used in the kitchen? Of course. Concrete materials are one of the best kitchen countertop materials. Countertops made from concrete come out hard, strong, and durable. You can get it in any color you desire. It is easy to maintain as you only need to clean spills immediately. 


Just like quartz, granite is durable, scratch, and heat-resistant. It can withstand those cuts, chops, and hot pots you place on it. Asides from regular re-sealing, all you need to maintain it is to wipe its surface with water. Sealing makes your countertop surface non-porous, which makes it suitable for outdoor kitchens. Granite also beautifies your kitchen, depending on what texture you choose from among the many granite kitchen countertop materials.

Solid Surfaces

Not only solid surfaces are suitable as kitchen countertop materials, but you can also use them for your sinks and backsplashes. They offer a seamless finish adding more aesthetics to your kitchen.


Wood offers warmth and a natural feel to your kitchen. Aside from the decorative aspect, wood countertops are a huge asset for busy kitchens. You can chop, cut, and place hot items on it without fear. Going for teak wood will make your countertop water-resistant. After sealing, your countertop is safe for use and easy to maintain.

So, with all that, you can go ahead and choose from any of these seven kitchen countertop materials today. And be sure to have the best in your space.

Imperial Vanities – Supplying World Class Quartz Worldwide 

Today, from all the available kitchen countertop materials, quartz stands as the most popular one. Increasingly, homeowners are choosing quartz counters over other options. The two biggest factors for this include extremely low maintenance and longevity. 

Quartz is one of the most durable materials available in the market. As it is a man-made version of natural stone, it is designed keeping all the busy kitchen requirements in mind. 

Imperial Vanities is one of the leading suppliers of quartz counters. We offer hyper-personalized quartz countertops that precisely fit your needs. 

Are you looking for the best kitchen countertop materials? Try customized quartz from Imperial Vanities!

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